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  ZODIAC collection is designed for people who incorporate mindfulness in their daily urban life, whether it is paying attention to healthy living or good design. Today, we are very happy to introduce you to one of our first customers and role models Brittany Dunn. Brittany has been dedicating her time in Beijing to spreading positivity and mindfulness practices, amongst many other things, to the people around her through the The Mind Body Project and her teaching work.You can see our beautiful photo-shoot with Brittany wearing ZODIAC in some great Beijing locations, plus her interview below!   ZODIAC成衣系列为在日常都市生活中运用正念(mindfulness)的人所设计,无论是在关注健康生活方式还是留心好设计方面。今天,我们十分高兴地向你介绍我们最早的顾客以及模范之一Brittany Dunn。Brittany一直以来在北京致力于宣传正能量并实践正念,她通过多种方式向她身边的人传授相关知识,如“心灵与身体项目”(The Mind Body Project)以及多个课程教学。你可以在下方看到我们在北京实地取景拍摄Brittany本人穿着ZODIAC服装的照片,以及我们对她的采访!     ZODIAC PEOPLE | ZODIAC 人物 BRITTANY DUNN     Q: Hey Brittany! Could you tell us a...

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